Product Information

PD PLATE K [ 2014年11月25日 ]

These raw meat containers feature flanged ribbing to reflect light and add vibrancy to in-store displays. Buil […]

GOURMET HOUSE [ 2014年11月25日 ]

These containers are reminiscent of ceramic plates. Features include stacking aids, and steam release vents to […]

DELI DECO [ 2014年11月25日 ]

Containers that can be used either singly or in two tiers. Features such as dressing/dip compartments and divi […]

SD Style [ 2014年11月25日 ]

This container made from a new material has a beautiful form based on curves and angles and a refined pattern […]

DELISHU [ 2014年11月25日 ]

A high 60mm lid enables vertical presentation. Attractive designs which can also function as tableware. With b […]


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