NAMINE S・V [ 2014年11月25日 ]

Bento boxes with outstanding stacking performance. Designed to minimize moisture leakage, with ribbed bases to […]

MORIBEN [ 2014年11月25日 ]

Bento boxes with wide lids to give the appearance of generous portions. The barreled molding lends warmth and […]

Bistro [ 2013年3月25日 ]

Separate different new materials are used in the container and the lid to provide excellent functionality. The […]

WV [ 2013年3月25日 ]

This container uses the new material SD and has excellent functionality. It is not hot to the touch even after […]

HAZUMI [ 2013年3月25日 ]

The wave-shaped flange of this design adds motion and variety to the menu and sales floor. The ribs that form […]


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