Donburi Men

HOMAREDON [ 2014年11月25日 ]

Bowl-style containers with high functionality, including measure lines for easy filling, and sides and bases d […]

TOMIJU [ 2014年11月25日 ]

Bowl-style containers modeled on the stacked boxes used in high-class dining establishments. The design is ins […]

SakiDon [ 2013年3月25日 ]

This container is made from the new material SD and has excellent functionality, a stylish design, and a ceram […]

CoCo [ 2013年3月25日 ]

This multifunctional design recasts the image of topped rice containers. The new material SD has excellent hea […]

ANRIDON [ 2013年3月25日 ]

The ANRIDON Series containers have a simple design that is both nostalgic and warm.


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