ARASE [ 2014年11月25日 ]

Designed for easy arranging. Contents are held securely thanks to good depth and box-style compartments for pa […]

TOTO [ 2014年11月25日 ]

With shapes reminiscent of fish, these containers can also be used for sushi and deli items. Recommended for s […]

ENKAKU [ 2014年11月25日 ]

Simple and stylish sashimi trays. Designed with an emphasis on functionality, with wrap-around pocket molding […]

HAKOORI [ 2014年11月25日 ]

Features of these highly functional designs include mounded bases to reduce the amount of packing garnish requ […]

SANKAI [ 2013年3月25日 ]

The shape of the bottom provides a natural volume increasing appearance when the sashimi is arranged on packin […]


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