PD PLATE K [ 2014年11月25日 ]

These raw meat containers feature flanged ribbing to reflect light and add vibrancy to in-store displays. Buil […]

DAT [ 2013年3月25日 ]

These containers are used for an abundant variety of meat dishes to semi-cooked foods in sauces or wrapped in […]

MAKURAOKE [ 2013年3月25日 ]

These containers have a pillow-shaped bottom to display the food with a vertical volume appearance. You can us […]

MIC [ 2013年3月25日 ]

These ground meat trays are designed taking into consideration the sales floor display facing. The basic 200 m […]

CX [ 2013年3月25日 ]

These trays are flat to make food arrangement easier and the corners have been removed to bring variety to the […]


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