HAKOORI [ 2014年11月25日 ]

Top-of-the-line sushi tray designed to resemble a traditional Japanese oribako wooden box. A skirted design th […]

ENKAKU [ 2014年11月25日 ]

Guide lines along the base make it easy to position the sushi. A simple and stylish design recommended for hig […]

TOYOMI [ 2014年11月25日 ]

With Japanese-style patterning, these designs are adaptable to many different sushi types, including rolls, in […]

NAMINE [ 2014年11月25日 ]

Wrap-around molding minimizes movement of the contents. The corners are elegantly designed and allow easy open […]

HANEZARA [ 2014年11月25日 ]

Robust construction ensures durability when stacked. Featuring a non-slip surface to minimize movement of the […]


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