CN TRAY [ 2013年3月25日 ]

This is the most popular PSP tray for use as a food packaging tray. A wide selection of designs, sizes, and co […]

CSR-N TRAY [ 2013年3月25日 ]

These are simple OPS trays with high transparency that are excellent for wrapping and handling dripping. These […]

CH TRAY [ 2013年3月25日 ]

This is a standby transparent tray series. Products with a “C” after their name are made of HIPS, and those wi […]

CI TRAY [ 2013年3月25日 ]

These flat trays with their luxurious color patterns effectively present dried fish as well as the thickness o […]

C TRAY [ 2013年3月25日 ]

These are the Chuo Kagaku regular trays, which have been popular ever since they were announced. As easy-to-us […]


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