Compliance Policy

The objective of Chuo Kagaku is to be a corporate group that is trusted by all shareholders, including customers, shareholders, business associates, employees, and the local community, by obeying the law based on our corporate philosophy and conducting compliance management in accordance business ethics and environmental management to contribute to preserving the global environment.
The company’s officers and employees have obligated themselves to act in accordance with the following fundamental positions and faithfully observing the company’s rules of conduct and in-house regulations in addition to the relevant laws and ordinances.

Fundamental Positions

  1. Observe and act in accordance with the domestic and foreign law and in-house regulations.
  2. Respect the rights of relevant individuals and observe and act in accordance with social norms and business ethics.
  3. Provide products that are beneficial to society and strive to increase customer satisfaction.
  4. Observe the relevant laws and ordinances as well as the voluntary industry standards and provide safe and sanitary products.
  5. Promote activities that protect the global environment.
  6. Disclose corporate information to customers, shareholders, business associates, employees, the local community, and others in a timely and fair manner.
  7. Provide the necessary working environment and strive to prevent occupational accidents as well as danger to the life, bodies, and property of employees and others.
  8. Have absolutely no relationship with and stand firm against anti-social forces that threaten social order and safety.

Chuo Kagaku

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