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1. Chuo Kagaku is a general disposable food container manufacturer

A large variety of plastic food containers are used all around us. Chuo Kagaku is a general food container manufacturer that handles everything from planning to R&D, manufacture, and sales of food containers used in a variety of locations including supermarkets, convenience stores, and bento lunch and side dish specialty stores.

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2. Product fabrication begins with materials selection

Chuo Kagaku selects safe materials with a low environmental load and fabricates its products using life cycle assessment (LCA) covering product development to recycling to fulfill its corporate social responsibility involving food and to continue providing safety food containers into the future.
The company’s careful product creation begins with materials selection. Standards have been set for materials, such as low CO2 emissions, lighter weight, and using only one type of material in the product to make recycling easier.

3. Materials development is in Chuo Kagaku’s DNA

We have focused on materials development since our founding. The company has continued to develop the optimum materials and turn these into food containers each time there has been a new major change in the market, such as the development of distribution networks, the spread of microwave oven use, and greater environmental awareness.

4. Recycling is also our job

Disposable food containers are discarded after being used just once. However, we are always on the lookout for effective ways to utilize discarded containers. We are promoting the recycling of used food containers by collecting them from supermarkets and other stores for use in chemical recycling, material recycling, and energy recovery.

5. Use of recycled plastic

The government has set regulations and standards for the use of recycled plastic for applications involving food. Guidelines of Using Recycled Plastic in Food Containers and Container Packaging (Food Safety Bulletin 0427 No.2, April 27, 2012, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Pharmaceutical and Food Safety Bureau, Manager of Department of Food Safety Bulletin)
Our prodcuts are made out of only raw materials that comply with laws and industrial voluntary standards. Some of our recycled plastic prodcuts comply with laws and regulations, administrative guidance(guidelines for recycled plastic), and industrial voluntary standards as well.

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6. Development of the food container business in China

Since we opened our first manufacturing facility in the Peoples’ Republic of China in Haicheng City, Liaoning Province, in July 1994, we have expanded our China operations to 5 manufacturing facilities and 1 sales office, and in September 2012, we established the Huanling Chuo Kagaku Management Co., Ltd. in Shanghai as the general administration entity for those facilities to provide the framework for further business expansion in China.
We aim to expand business by providing safe products in China to meet the needs of growing consumption.

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Chuo Kagaku

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