About Using Recycled Plastic

As a manufacturer of food containers, it is our duty to ensure the products are safe and sanitary.

Virgin Plastic Products

We ensure the safety and sanitation of our food containers by observing government laws, voluntary industry standards, and our own standards.


There are laws, regulations, and standards regarding the use of recycled plastics in food containers.

The system to ensure safety functions through good cooperation between the public and private sectors.

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Recycled Plastic Products

New regulations and standards have been set for the use of recycled plastic for food-related applications.


No regulations or standards existed before.

The law and voluntary standards did not take products made from recycled plastic into consideration.
There are safety concerns about unknown contamination during the recycling process.

Recycled plastic product risk
  • Residues from food, changed properties
  • Secondary use risk (pharmaceutical preparations, storage, etc.)
  • Contamination during the collection process (spraying of insecticides)
  • Contamination during the recycling process, change in chemical properties
  • Mischief, terrorism, accidents


New regulations and standards to be set through administrative guidance by the national government

Guidelines of Using Recycled Plastic in Food Containers and Container Packaging

(Food Safety Bulletin 0427 No.2, April 27, 2012, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Pharmaceutical and Food Safety Bureau, Manager of Department of Food Safety Bulletin)

These guidelines prescribe the basic requirements for ensuring safety when using recycled plastic materials to manufacture food containers and food container packaging.

Our prodcuts are made out of only raw materials that comply with laws and industrial voluntary standards. Some of our recycled plastic prodcuts comply with laws and regulations, administrative guidance(guidelines for recycled plastic), and industrial voluntary standards as well.


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