Message from the President

President Kazuya Mizuno

Changing social structures, diversifying lifestyles, the growing social role of women, and the onset of a low-birthrate ageing society are some of the factors causing dramatic change in consumer behavior surrounding food, and the development of a far greater diversity of consumer needs.

I believe that by looking to the new markets these changes are generating, the disposable food packaging industry can achieve growth both domestically and internationally.

In recent years we have seen a diversification of food culture and growing interest in food safety, and environmental issues. As a result, greater importance is being attached to the functions and roles of disposable plastic food packaging. We are ensuring that our products not only address environmental concerns, but also evolve into tableware that is superior in terms of both functionality and design.

Ever since its establishment, our company has placed strong emphasis on technological development, and engaged in the development of a wide range of materials and products. Going beyond the basic task of ensuring food safety, we are now advancing a product strategy informed by the key concepts of “materials choice,” “safety,” “product development,” and “environmental awareness.”

Carrying on from last year, we are working to further strengthen our business foundations through the utilization of the commercial resources of Mitsubishi Corporation. We will accelerate our efforts to achieve independent growth and raise our corporate value.

We are committed to functioning as a pioneer in the industry and responding to our clients’ expectations by producing disposable food packaging products offering both safety and peace of mind.

We thank you in advance for your continued support of our endeavors.

Yasumasa Kondo


Chuo Kagaku

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