Corporate Philosophy

Company Domain

Global Industry that Supports Daily Living and Culture
Chou Kagaku has built a successful business since its founding through the manufacture and sale of disposable plastic food packaging and containers that conform to the changes in society accompanying the rapid development of the global economic market. We are aiming for further growth as a global industrial company by also manufacturing and selling daily living related products that meet customer needs in a variety of sectors, actively expanding overseas operations in China and elsewhere, protecting the global environment, and providing consumer-oriented products and services.

Corporate Philosophy

  1. Corporate Stance
    We aim to be a corporate group that supports daily living and culture around the world through great ideas and proactive and bold action in line with our corporate motto “Ingenuity from Everyone.”
  2. Customers
    We aim to satisfy our customers and earn their trust by providing superior quality products and services.
  3. Employees
    We aim to develop society and achieve our personal best by proactively taking on issues without fearing failure.
  4. Harmony with Society
    We strive for harmony with society by working to protect the global environment and conserve limited resources and by respecting local culture in Japan and abroad.
  5. Shareholders
    We strive to meet the expectations and trust of our shareholder investors.

Chuo Kagaku

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