Privacy Policy

Chuo Kagaku recognizes the protection and appropriate handling of personal information is a social responsibility of the company and thus protects the personal information of customers, business associates, officers and employees, and other relevant persons in accordance with the laws regarding the protection of personal information and with the privacy policy and personal information protection rules set by the company.

  1. Acquisition of Personal Information
    Chuo Kagaku will use legal and fair means in the acquisition of personal information.
  2. Declaration and disclosure regarding purpose of use of personal information
    Chuo Kagaku will declare or disclose in advance the purpose of use of acquired personal information.
  3. Scope of personal information purpose of use
    The personal information provided to Chuo Kagaku will only be used within the scope of the purpose of use declared or disclosed at the time the personal information was acquired. If the need arises to use the personal information outside of this scope, consent must first be obtained from the individuals concerned. However, this does not apply to the provision of said information as required by law.
  4. Provision of personal information to third parties
    Chuo Kagaku will not provide the provided personal information to a third party without the consent of the relevant individuals. However, this does not apply to the provision of said information as required by law.
  5. Management of personal information
    Chuo Kagaku will strive to appropriately maintain the provided personal information by providing the organization, personnel, and physical and technological measures required to securely manage said information to prevent unauthorized access, loss, destruction, tampering, leakage, etc., of said information.
  6. Personal information disclosure, correction, termination of use, etc.
    Chuo Kagaku will take the appropriate measures when an individual requests the disclosure, correction, termination of use, etc., of the personal information that he or she has provided.
  7. Thoroughly informing the officers and employees, etc. of the company
    To ensure execution of this policy, Chuo Kagaku will thoroughly inform the company’s officers, employees, and other relevant persons of this privacy policy.

Personal Information Purpose of Use

Chuo Kagaku will use the personal information of customers and others for the following purposes.

  1. Personal information of customers and the officers and employees, etc., of business associates
    1. Business operations related to the products offered by the company
      (Business negotiations, meetings, order taking, delivery, payment requests, receipts, etc.)
    2. Contract execution
    3. Provision of information, services, etc., regarding the products offered by the company
    4. Provision of information regarding exhibitions, seminars, etc.
    5. Response to inquiries and consultations regarding the products offered by the company
    6. Market surveys and analysis using questionnaires and other means
  2. Personal information of shareholders
    1. Exercise of rights and execution of obligations in accordance with the law
    2. Management of shareholders in accordance with the law
    3. Execution of shareholder measures
  3. Personal information of government employees, etc.
    Inquiries, contacts, reports, etc., to the government as required for business operations
  4. Personal information of persons seeking employment with the company
    Contacts, provision of information, hiring selections, and management of hiring related operations
  5. Personal information of officers, employees, etc.
    Human resource and labor management, occupational health and safety management

Joint Use of Personal Information

Chuo Kagaku may share personal information as described below.

  1. Purpose of use by parties sharing information
    • To develop and provide the best and optimum products and services to meet the needs of customers and business associates.
    • To execute the contracts with business associates.
  2. Items of personal information that are shared
    • Information regarding the names, addresses, dates of birth, occupations, telephone numbers, and other information regarding customers and the officers, employees, and other persons of business associates.
    • Information regarding inquires from customers.
  3. Scope of parties sharing information
    • Chuo Kagaku Co., Ltd.
    • The domestic consolidated subsidiaries of Chuo Kagaku stated in the financial statements and other sources.
  4. Name of the party with responsibility for the management of shared personal information.
    Chuo Kagaku Co., Ltd.

Inquiries regarding this privacy policy

Please use the following methods to inquire or ask questions about the privacy policy.

  1. Inquiry using the Inquiry Form
  2. Inquiry by mail
    3-5-1 Miyaji, Konosu-shi, Saitama-ken 365-8603

Requests for Disclosure, etc.

To request disclosure or other action in regards to your personal information possessed by Chuo Kagaku, please read the section, “Requests for Disclosure, etc.” Please understand that requests for disclosure or other action are only accepted via mail.


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