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The materials development conducted by Chuo Kagaku since its founding makes it possible for the company to meet the wide range of requirements for plastic food containers. The company’s product development makes a major contribution to reducing cost and decreasing CO2 emissions to lighten the environmental load.
Based on a desire to “keep food safe and enrich the daily eating experience,” we pursue our mission of being the industry pioneer and continue to develop and sell products that are ahead of their time.


SashimiWe provide many refined designs that fully bring out the appeal of the sashimi and present it in a chic and delicious manner. Choose from a wide selection of sashimi containers that bring out the best in fresh fish

Bento Lunches

Bento LunchesThese designs made for various applications have a high presentation effect to provide the perfect fit for a wide range of bento lunch menus. Select from among these bento lunch containers, which utilize the excellent properties of the materials.

Side Dishes

Side DishesThese containers come in a large selection of materials and color patterns especially selected for their excellent functionality, ease of use, and designs customers will not grow tired of. We offer products to meet all of your side dish container needs.


MeatsWe offer a wide range of containers for meats optimized for yakiniku, shabu-shabu, and sukiyaki to containers that emphasize volume for nabe (Japanese pot meal) sets. Select from a range of color patterns that bring out the color and freshness of the meat.

Specialty Products

Specialty ProductsChuo Kagaku offers a great selection of specialty containers for catering and hors d’oeuvres to plates and cups, eggs, natto (fermented soybeans), and mini sauce bottles. Choose from a wide range of specialty products that are indispensable for creating menus that sell.


Chuo Kagaku

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