Topped Rice and Noodles

Main Line-up


Bowl-style containers with high functionality, including measure lines for easy filling, and sides and bases designed to be easy to hold. Suitable for a wide range of cuisines, including Japanese, Western, Chinese, and ethnic. Microwave safe.



Bowl-style containers modeled on the stacked boxes used in high-class dining establishments. The design is inspired by traditional Japanese wood carving and cornering. Microwave safe.



This container is made from the new material SD and has excellent functionality, a stylish design, and a ceramic appearance that make it useful in a variety of situations.
The container can be held in the hands even when eating piping hot dishes.



This multifunctional design recasts the image of topped rice containers.
The new material SD has excellent heat resistance and oil resistance, so it can be used for a wide range of dishes.
New color patterns have also been added to expand the applications to pasta and salads.



The ANRIDON Series containers have a simple design that is both nostalgic and warm.



Japanese pickled foods can be placed in the pocket to improve workability and prevent unwanted flavor blending.
The pocket can also be used to hold little bottles of wasabi or sauce, or packets of spices, to keep the food juices and sauces off of them to keep your hands clean when opening them.



CT Super Luster material is used to foster a bold, beautiful, high-class look.
The characteristic flange and skirt on all four sides will add motion to your dishes.
Up to 3 containers filled with 600g can be stacked on each other.


Chuo Kagaku

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