Main Line-up


Designed for easy arranging. Contents are held securely thanks to good depth and box-style compartments for packing garnish.
Not suitable for microwave use.



With shapes reminiscent of fish, these containers can also be used for sushi and deli items. Recommended for special events.Not suitable for microwave use.



Simple and stylish sashimi trays. Designed with an emphasis on functionality, with wrap-around pocket molding for easy arrangement and long-lasting presentation, as well as indents to catch drips. Not suitable for microwave use.



Features of these highly functional designs include mounded bases to reduce the amount of packing garnish required, non-slip surfaces to prevent movement, and drip catchers. Stable and sturdy even when stacked. Not suitable for microwave use.



The shape of the bottom provides a natural volume increasing appearance when the sashimi is arranged on packing garnish.
The design also allows little movement of the sashimi, so it can be placed in the center of the container.



There are ribs on the bottom to reduce the amount of packing garnish required and to increase the volume appearance.
Labels adhere beautifully to the lid.


Chuo Kagaku

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