We offer a wide range of containers for meats optimized for yakiniku, shabu-shabu, and sukiyaki to containers that emphasize volume for nabe (Japanese pot meal) sets. Select from a range of color patterns that bring out the color and freshness of the meat.

Main Line-up


These raw meat containers feature flanged ribbing to reflect light and add vibrancy to in-store displays. Build-in dividers make arrangement easy. Not suitable for microwave use.



These containers are used for an abundant variety of meat dishes to semi-cooked foods in sauces or wrapped in other ingredients.
These latest trays for parallel arrangement bring efficiency and variety to the display.

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These containers have a pillow-shaped bottom to display the food with a vertical volume appearance.
You can use them for a wide range of dishes from yakiniku to nabe (Japanese pot meal) and sushi slices.



These ground meat trays are designed taking into consideration the sales floor display facing. The basic 200 mm width size makes it easier to neatly display the meat. Further, at a height of 38 mm, these trays are fairly deep to keep the wrap off of the food and increase the appearance of freshness.



These trays are flat to make food arrangement easier and the corners have been removed to bring variety to the display rack.

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The containers emphasize the food color, provide a high-class look for the food, and increase impact and visibility.



The metallic luster creates a luxurious atmosphere and an exciting event feeling.
These containers enhance the colorful foods and decorate the sales floor with a gorgeous and lustrous appearance.


Chuo Kagaku

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