Side Dishes

Main Line-up


These containers are reminiscent of ceramic plates. Features include stacking aids, and steam release vents to use after warming in the microwave. Microwave safe.



Containers that can be used either singly or in two tiers. Features such as dressing/dip compartments and dividers make arrangement easy. Not suitable for microwave use.


SD Style

This container made from a new material has a beautiful form based on curves and angles and a refined pattern of fastidious detail so that it can be used as a delightful serving dish. It has both simplicity and excellent functionality to give standby dishes a high-class look.



A high 60mm lid enables vertical presentation. Attractive designs which can also function as tableware. With built-in stacking aids. Not suitable for microwave use.



Gentle curves emphasize the high-class design and quality look.
The refreshing beauty of these containers adds spice to life and a richer look making them suitable as part of the table setting.



Designed to resemble baskets. Ideal for sandwiches, chicken nuggets, and an infinite variety of other uses. Microwave safe.



Great for Western foods, light meals, grilled foods, and even Japanese side dishes.
This popular series presents a wide range of popular dishes in a fun and casual manner.
The lid’s internal seal prevents juices from leaking out and the shape of the functional bottom provides a sense of volume.



The simple design and excellent functionality are optimum for events and gifts.
A wide variety of food genres including Japanese, Westerner, and Chinese are supported.
The material has been changed to the new material SD to improve heat insulation and resistance.



Makes maximum use of the characteristics of the new material SD. Provides excellent heat resistance and insulation.
The functional design features corners that make it easy to open the lid, which is shaped to cause the condensation drops to drip inside to prevent fogging.



The RIPPLE brings a new style of design to the food package market.
The beautiful colors add movement and impact to the sales floor.
A wide line-up is provided to handle a wide range of dishes.



These containers create splendid food arrangements for parties and events.
They present hors d’oeuvres in a luxurious manner and provide impact to the sales floor.

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The metallic luster creates a luxurious atmosphere and an exciting event feeling.
These containers enhance the colorful foods and decorate the sales floor with a gorgeous and lustrous appearance.


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