Main Line-up


Top-of-the-line sushi tray designed to resemble a traditional Japanese oribako wooden box. A skirted design that still presents the bottom layer of sushi attractively when stacked. Not suitable for microwave use.



Guide lines along the base make it easy to position the sushi. A simple and stylish design recommended for high-grade sushi types. Not suitable for microwave use.



With Japanese-style patterning, these designs are adaptable to many different sushi types, including rolls, inari, and chirashi. There is a full range of sizes, holding from 2 to 24 pieces. A general purpose sushi container with a wide variety of uses. Not suitable for microwave use.



Wrap-around molding minimizes movement of the contents. The corners are elegantly designed and allow easy opening. Not suitable for microwave use.



Robust construction ensures durability when stacked. Featuring a non-slip surface to minimize movement of the contents. Not suitable for microwave use.



GION offers originality and functionality.
The angled guides make arranging easier and have a low profile so that both finger sushi and rolled sushi can be freely combined and arranged. The wide flange and shallow center present the sushi gorgeously with a sense of volume.



Developed specifically for nigiri-style sushi. Remains a customer favorite for ease of use as well as the extensive variety of sizes and colors. Not suitable for microwave use.



The positioning guides beautifully arrange the sushi and keep it from falling over even though the pieces are held at a slant.
The guides have a low profile to handle any kind of sushi, including rolled, sukeroku, and chirashizushi as well as finger sushi, to reduce the container items kept in the backroom.



Five new color patterns have been added to the HEIAN Series.
These elegant color patterns have a rich lacquer effect that communicates tradition.
Although extremely lightweight, these trays are designed to remain stable even when stacked high. They also have excellent functionality.


Chuo Kagaku

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