Factory Sanitation Management

2. Factory Sanitation Management

  • 1. Food container materials
  • 2. Factory Sanitation Management
  • 3.Making sheets
  • 4.Molding and Cutting
  • 5. Packaging and Packing
  • 6.ship

1 There are many checks before entering the factory.

There are many checks before entering the factory.
A sanitation check is conducted before entering the factory. An adhesive roller is used from head to foot to remove debris stuck to our work clothes. We then wash our hands and even brush under our fingernails. We then disinfect our hands and finally enter the air shower room to blow off fine dust, hair, and other minute particles before we enter the factory.

2 Debris is also blocked from getting on the raw materials and supplies.

The materials are also passed through an air shower before they are brought into the factory to blow off the dust. Debris is not allowed inside the factory.
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