Packaging and Packing

5. Packaging and Packing

  • 1.Food container materials
  • 2.Factory Sanitation Management
  • 3.Making sheets
  • 4.Molding and Cutting
  • 5.Packaging and Packing
  • 6.ship

1 Packaging

The cut out food containers are sent by conveyor to the automatic packaging machine.
After being packaged in plastic bags, the containers are placed in cardboard boxes.

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2 Packing

This is a sealing machine and it automatically tapes closed the cardboard boxes holding the food containers. Using machines to do this is very efficient and prevents debris from getting in the boxes.
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This robot that moves like a dinosaur is a palletizer. It is a smart robot that lifts the cardboard boxes transported on the conveyor and sorts them on to loading platforms called pallets.

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