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China Business Development

Chuo Kagaku is the only Japanese plastic food container manufacture that is expanding business in China.
Since Chuo Kagaku opened its first manufacturing facility in People’s Republic of China in Haicheng City, Liaoning Province, in July 1994, the company has expanded its China operations to 5 manufacturing facilities and 1 sales office, and in September 2012, the Huanling Chuo Kagaku Management Co., Ltd. was established in Shanghai as the general administration entity for those facilities to provide the framework for further business expansion in China.
Chuo Kagaku aims to expand business by providing safe products in China to meet the needs of growing consumption.

Japanese Subsidiaries
Chinese Subsidiaries

1) Maintaining the same quality as in Japan

Maintaining the same quality as in JapanWe are utilizing the experience gained in Japan to continue to provide safe, high-quality products to Japanese companies with operations in China and to local companies with high safety and sanitation awareness.


2) All 5 manufacturing facilities have received Quality Safety (QS) Certification (production approval certification).

All 5 manufacturing facilities have received Quality Safety (QS) Certification (production approval certification).Plastic food containers used in China are required to acquire the QS (food production approval) certification mark.
Only Chinese food and food containers that have demonstrated their safety through inspections are granted the use of this mark.
All 5 of Chuo Kagaku’s production facilities in China have acquired the QS Certification mark.


3) Japanese quality safe containers are being used.

Chuo Kagaku has been determined to maintain Japanese quality since it first began operations in China and continues to maintain the same quality and safety in China as it does in Japan. The company’s products are used in a wide range of fields since the company first provided containers for Chinese railroad bento lunches.


Chuo Kagaku

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